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Read our buying guides to learn what to look for when buying an air compressor for your shop.

Learn how to find out the pressure and capacity that you need, the type of compressor that you need and other things to consider when buying an air compressor.

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Do you use compressed air in your workshop? Having some problems or just want to learn more about compressed air?

Our free ‘compressed air 101‘ section is the best place to start. Lean about compressor types and how they work. Learn about air treatment, compressed air filters and air dryers, and more.


A little history

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This is a brand new website (created February 2018) – and this is the first post.

Bbut the story starts many years earlier:

I created another website about air compressor a few years ago:

That site grew and grew, more content was added and more and more people visited the site: more than 2000 visitors per day to be more exact.

But there was a problem. There were two main ‘types’ of visitors looking for information:

Those working at, or owning big factories with huge industrial compressed air systems. And those working in a small business, or pro ‘do-it-yourselvers’ using much smaller compressors – I call those ‘workshop compressors’.

I couldn’t help both types of visitors effectively on one website.

So I decided to split the website up: for the big industrial compressor stuff, and this brand new website for the smaller ‘workshop type’ air compressors. I named it: “The Workshop Compressor”.

A scary move, and I hope it will all fall into place, especially with the Google rankings. But it was needed.

I hope you like the brand new website. I got some great ideas for new content and some online tools for you to use (coming soon!).

If you have any comments or suggestion, please let me know 🙂




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